Virtually every website in the known universe has a tab that reads “About Us”. Many a time The Writing Pandolfis  asked themselves: “Who is this “Us” person, and how did he or she get to be so wildly popular? Who names their kid Us to begin with?  And, what has Us ever done for…well, us? 


Clearly it’s time someone took a stand. So as of right now, forget About Us. Today, it’s all About We! Grammatically incorrect? Sure. But bold and defiant? Absolutely. And We would be the dynamic—and thoroughly charming—father and son duo of Joseph and Anthony Pandolfi. Yes…The Writing Pandolfis. 


Like all visionaries, We started with a dream. Unfortunately, we soon realized that someone had already invented a cool round thing, and called it the “wheel”. Undaunted, We turned to writing and photography—which We like a lot. We began creating poetry gift prints for family, friends, and special occasions. (The wonderful website


Ever the adventurers, We decided to explore new horizons, and journeyed into the world of children's books. "The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas" series is the result of that endeavor. We think your little ones will enjoy them immensely. We never get tired of reading them to each other when it’s nap time here at corporate headquarters. 


So, thanks for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy our creative offerings. And if—unlike We— you’re lucky enough to have friends, please feel free to pass along your joyous experience to them. We would appreciate it…and they’ll outright love you for it.